Review: Article Three by Anna Jakobsson Lund

Article Three by Anna Jakobsson Lund | Published: Dec 2016, originally published in Swedish in March 2015

My rating: 5/5 stars | Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia

Wow. This, my friends, was amazing. Article Three is a dystopian set sometime in the future, after we screwed up big time. The world (or part of it, not sure about the geography here, all I know is that it’s set in Europe) is run by the System. The book follows Ava, a rebel and Levi, who’s lost all his beliefs in the rebelling movement, but still has to go to them for help when his sister gets arrested.  Ava gets assigned to help him together with another girl named Leymah. Then a lot of things start to happen and it’s great. I need to work on my summaries, I know. Here’s the Goodreads synopsis instead: 

“Trust will get you killed – and trust will keep you alive

In a world where the System governs everything, Ava’s a rebel – one who can control other people’s thoughts with her mind. As part of a resistance movement preparing for war, this is a useful skill.

Levi stopped believing in the struggle for freedom when it snatched his parents from him. Now he’s just trying to live a quiet life and control the voices that threaten his sanity.

One night Levi’s sister is arrested. To free her, he has to break old promises and get involved with people he swore he’d never associate with. Ava’s ordered to help him and, together, they leave on a rescue mission. She says he has to trust the rebels. But should they?”

First of all the writing in Article Three is great. It’s right up my alley. It mainly focus on the characters feelings and the actual storyline, rather than on surroundings and information about the world. Instead, we are introduced to the setting as we go (a world which is incredible, by the way, we’ll get into that later). This means you’ll be sitting at the edge of your seat all the time, not only because you want to know what happens next, but you’re also dying to find out more. Let me tell you, when I find a good fantasy or dystopia and it isn’t full of info dumps, I´m  very happy. 

Okay so the world. This is something that also made me very excited. You see, when you’re from Sweden (or any other country than the US probably) it’s very unusual that the books you read takes place somewhere you know. But when I read Article Three I could be like “Oh look there’s that bridge but destroyed!” or “Wow there’s IKEA!”. So that was a fun detail. The setting is amazing in other aspects too. The world is of course as corrupt as in any dystopia, but the concept still feel unique and original. I love reading about the system works and I think you would too, whoever you are. The rebel movement is so cool as well, and I loved seeing how deeply rooted it was in the main characters stories. Can’t wait to find out more about all of it in the following book.

The characters were great. They were amazingly written, but not perfect. They all had flaws and secrets and things weighing them down. I loved that, it made them feel so much more real. The chapters are written in third person from Levi and Ava’s POV. I liked that it kept changing, because that made me get to know the characters better. It was so cool to actually read from someone’s perspective but still not know their deepest secrets until long in the book, it was one of those thing that just had me dying to read more. I’m sure there’s still loads to find out in the following books as well. I loved the friendship that started forming in the book, and that’s another thing that I’m just so thrilled to see more of in the next book. Oh, and the fact that the storyline wasn’t set around a romantic relationship? NICE. That’s very unusual in YA these days (that made me sound like an old lady, I swear I’m only 16) and I thought it was so refreshing! Oh, and some of the characters have awesome super powers,  it’s really great. 

If I haven’t made myself clear enough, READ THIS BOOK! It was amazing in every single aspect and I honestly think it would work for anyone between the ages 13 to however old you are when you die. Solid 5 stars, and I don’t even like dystopias.

Here are some links if you’re interested in buying it!

Amazon | AdlibrisBokus


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