Most likely to… with Fiona (Bookish edition)

So I’ve been staying with Fiona ute 043
(bookwomwholived) in Denmark this weekend and we decided to do a collab blog post. We’ve created some book inspired “Who’s most likely to…” questions and we answered them on a count to three in a shared document. It was so much
fun! Without further ado, here’s one part of it, you can find the other over at Fiona’s blog! 

Who’s most likely to… fall asleep with a book on their face?

F: Fiona

T: Tilda

F: I never do it, but I just think I sleep more so yeah.

T: Nah, me neither but I could see myself reading until like 4 am and after that I’m pretty tired… Although you do sleep a lot.

F: Yeah ok, probably you. I’m (kinda) responsible with my sleeping schedule.

T: Yup, I’m definitely not.

F: But I’m still the one sleeping until 11am…


Who’s most likely to… not enjoy a popular book?

Fiona: Fiona.

Tilda: Fiona.

T: I mean you have so many more unpopular opinions than me so…

F: Yeah, I don’t know maybe I’m more critical. Or I just read them so late that the hype has killed them, haha.

T: I also live my life by having as low expectations of everything as I possibly can which could be a part of it.

F: I feel like I’m good at that, but maybe I’m not. But like Throne of Glass, it’s impossible not to have high expectations.

T: Okay that’s true.




Who’s most likely to… read a book in one sitting?

F: Tilda

T: Tilda

T: Not much to discuss is it???

F: You without a doubt. I always take breaks.

T: This is also why my sleeping schedule is effed up if someone’s wondering.
Who’s most likely to… eat and drink while they read?

F: Fiona
T: Fiona

T: I mean I sometimes get tea for reading but then I forget about it as soon as I start, so it’s probably you.

F: I love the idea of having snacks and a drink, but to be honest I just finish drinking/eating and then I read. Multitasking is difficult.

T: True.


Who’s most likely to… watch the movie before reading the book?

F: Fiona
T: Fiona

F: I NEVER do it, but I feel like I am more casual about it than you.

T: *cough* A monster call, Hidden Figures *cough* And yes, I think you’d be more casual about it too.

F: I was invited by the publisher both times! I had 50 pages left of A Monster Calls, and it would be dumb to get HF before. I got it for free at the event.

T: Still.

F: …


Who’s most likely to… DNF a book?

F: Tilda
T: Tilda

F: You DNF so much, and I’m just so bad at it. What if the ending is good??

T: Ain’t nobody got time for bad books, just not worth the struggle.

F: Definitely isn’t. But I always have this voice saying that my opinion is more valid if I finish.

T: Hmm yeah I get that but also if it’s so bad you want to DNF it that says a lot too.


Who’s most likely to… spoil something?

F: Fiona
T: Tilda

F: I can’t remember having spoiled anything online, but with my friends I’ve done it countless times. Sometimes kinda on purpose because I can’t help myself……

T: I think I just get so excited about stuff (kanej) and then I just ramble on about it.

F: Page 284?

T: *shrug*

That’s it (or well, there’s more at Fiona’s blog but)! Hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know in the comments which of these you’re most likely to do! Also, feel free to grab a friend to do this challenge with, and make sure to tag us in it, we’d love to see it!




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