Why you need to read Article Three

Hi! Today I wanted to share some of the reasons why you should want to read Article Three by Anna Jaksobsson Lund. If I’m doing this to avoid chemistry (which is ironic, because I’m anticipating AJL’s (is that an okay shortening? My Swedish teacher says to never ever use the author’s first name in anything I write and two last name’s takes longer to write, although it’d be quicker than this) upcoming book, which is a lot about chemistry, like crazy) shall remain unsaid. Have you ever noticed how many parenthesis I use btw? It’s sad. Anyhow, let’s get into it. Also, if you’re into actual reviews, I have one here.

Disclaimer: It’s been some time since I read these books, so I can’t really remember all the details but it should be fine. Just letting you know.

  • Great writing. The writing floats so nicely, bringing the story without rushing anything. It’s straightforward but beautiful when it has to be. Read and see for yourself. 😉
  •   A dystopia?? That I like??? Unreal, but, apparently possible. No really. I tend to *really* dislike dystopias, so I was totally scared going into this one. That was totally unnecessary though, as Article Three proved me totally wrong. Not that I’ve tried any other dystopias since this series though…
  • No homophobia, racism and sexism. Sure, there is discrimination in other forms, it is a dystopia after all, but the useless tropes of homophobia, racism and the helpless girl that author’s usually seems compelled to use in their novels? GONE. And I love it. Basically, neither straight nor white is the default, and no one looks down on women for being women. It’s fricking awesome.
  • No overdone romance. If a book is marketed as a dystopia/fantasy/whatever when it’s actually a romance novel I will roll my eyes so hard. Don’t get me wrong, I totally like romance in books but not as the most important thing. You’re saving the world, remember? Anyway, in this trilogy it’s just perfect, or, as I would like to say, “lagom”.
  • Amazing picturing of mental illnesses. I don’t want to say too much about this because I can’t remember the details well enough and I’m not very familiar with the subject and don’t want to miss step, but basically, there’s this thing that a character gets and it bears a lot of resemblence to anxiety (I think? Or depression?) and the characters deals with it beautifully and it’s portrayed for the awful thing that it is. Not sure if this is in book one though.
  • Characters. Love them all.
  • Not set in the US. I’m sorry, but there are other places in this world. It’s nice to have a change of environment.

Well, I’m back to studying. Hope I’ve convinced you to pick up Article Three, you won’t regret it. Book two will be out sometime this fall probably. I’m going to reread the series in preparation then so I can update this list and make it a bit more accurate.

Thanks for reading!!


4 thoughts on “Why you need to read Article Three

  1. You are sooo sweet to dedicate this many words to this. ❤ And seriously, I'm going to make the chemistry in Equilibrium really simple, which means you don't have to do your home work to understand it. 😀 I'm just so lucky to have the very best fans. ❤

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