Currently Reading Update (it’s a mess)

bvs 028.JPGI’ve talked about this before, but my inability to stick to reading one book at a time is Tragic™. I just had a look at my Goodreads “currently reading” shelf. This is what it looks like. (To clarify, Six of Crows is there because I’m rereading it.)


So yup, I’m reading 6 books right now. “Why?” you might ask. Honestly?  I have absolutely no idea. I just tend to start a new book if I’m not in the mood for what I’m currently reading, and then it just spirals out of control. See, if the book is bad I’ll DNF it. So these are all books that I’m actually planning on finishing. But you know,  it makes total sense in my head to start a new book after finishing one, even if I’m reading 5 others at the same time.  The problem? The oldest one I haven’t touched in more than 6 months, and since I’m technically currently reading it, there’s no way I’ll reread the first part. So when I eventually continue it, I’ll have no idea what’s going on. penny

Anyway, here’s a little bit about some of the books above and why I’m not just finishing them already. Maybe it’ll make me motivated to read them. 

The Dreamer by E.J Mellow

Okay so this one is the one I’ve been reading the longest. I started it back in early December, but then I got some other book that I was more excited about and never really picked The Dreamer up again. But I was (am?) liking the concept of it, and I have the entire trilogy, so I’m dead set on finishing it. One day.

The Secret History  by Donna Tartt

This book is so hyped. And I get it, I really do. The writing is unique and beautiful and it has absolutely wonderful characters. But seriously? It’s darn slow and very long and eventually I just wanted to read something more fun instead.


History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

Of my current reads this is the one I’m actually currently reading. It’s taking me a long time even though it’s really short, but I’m starting to like it more and more.

Maybe I’ll make it a summer goal to finish all of them. It would feel pretty amazing to not have a stack of current reads. Should I make it a thing? I’m making it a thing. Enjoy watching me fail. 

Do you have this problem too or do you stick to reading one book at a time? 

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Currently Reading Update (it’s a mess)”

  1. My currently reading has 5 books. I usually have a big book I leave at home, an ebook I read while out, and an audio book for walks, plus any books that didn’t grab my attention right away. Nothing wrong with that!
    Good luck with your reading! 🙂


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