The Dreams And Books Tag

So I discovered this tag through MrsNightRead on YouTube yesterday, and I thought it looked like a lot of fun so that’s what we’ll be doing. The tag is originally created by Chapter Barbara, you can find her video here.

1. The WTF dream: a book in which very weird things take place and that make so sense. 

I can’t think of any other book than Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I haven’t read the original Alice book, but I suppose that one is even more whimsical. Regardless, I found Heartless to take a lot of twist and turns that made no sense to me, neither did the characters’ actions most of the time.

2. The daydream: a book you read while you were supposed to be productive.

I read Highly Illogical Behavior by John Whaley Corey on a train ride once, when I was supposed to finish up a biology essay. But I mean, books are ultimate procrastination material, so probably most of the books I’ve read.
3. The falling dream: a book with a plot twist that caught you off guard, or that was just generally unpredictable.

Red Queen, while being a book I didn’t like a whole lot, had a plot twist that I just didn’t see coming, and which made me like the book overall a lot better.

4. The nightmare: A book that scared you, or a book in which the characters are in horrible situations

Well, I avoid horror books like the plague, so I’ll have to go with the characters. Maybe An Ember In The Ashes? I feel like the characters in that series, especially Laia, go from one bad situation to the next.

5. The ‘too good’ dream: a book you didn’t want to finish because it was that good.

Well I mean who would I be if I didn’t say Crooked Kingdom? Not myself, that’s for sure. Knowing I was reaching the end of the SoC duology was miserable. I want more of my dregs.
6. The forbidden dream: A book that you feel guilty about having enjoyed.

I mean I don’t tend to feel guilty about liking a book, because there’s something in it that I must have enjoyed once, and even if I don’t like it anymore, so what? Twilight is the first that comes to mind, but I’m not exactly ashamed over it, I just don’t understand what could possible have been so great about those books.
7. The ‘not sure if I’m actually asleep or awake’ dream: A book that you couldn’t get into. 

The Kill Order by James Dashner. I didn’t finish it, because it was painfully boring. I don’t think it’d be good even if you liked the Maze Runner trilogy. Nopenopenopenope.
8. A book that made you dream!

The only time I can think of is when I read Harry Potter 3 or so years ago and dreamed I switched places with Harry. (Or so I assume, all I remember is I was dating Ginny. Whops?)

That’s it! I tag whoever wants to do it, I  guess it’s not fair to tag anyone since I wasn’t tagged. 

Thank you for reading!

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