Review: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

So for the first 3 days of BookTubeAThon I read the Shatter Me trilogy. Like many other books I read during BTAT, my impression was pretty meh. But there was definitely some upsides, as well as a few downsides to the series. This will mostly be a review on Shatter Me, but I’ll mention a few things about the other books in the bottom of this post. Don’t worry, it’ll be 100% spoiler free!

Prepare yourself, one helluva rant is coming up.

Title: Shatter Me
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Published: 2011 by HarperCollins
Genre: Young adult, dystopia

Shatter Me takes place in some sort of not too far off future, judging my some pop culture references and such. Our main character, Juliette, has been locked away for almost a year due to having a fatal touch. Basically, you touch her, you die. But now asshole-leader of her sector (where she lives) wants to use her as a weapon. Juliette isn’t quite on board. Also there’s a boy from before and he’s extraordinarily boring. He also has very blue eyes which, judging by how many times it’s mentioned, is his most interesting feature. If you want the actual synopsis (I’m hurt, btw) you can find it here.

Because there’s just a lot to say about this book, I’ll break it down in categories.

Writing: This was super annoying and there seemed to be literally no point to it.  Same goes for the poetry kinda things. Didn’t really bring something to the story. I did however kind of like when the sentences just went on and on following Juliette’s thought process. It made you feel closer to her as a character. There were some nice metaphors there as well, but often it was just too much and overdone.

Characters: Let’s get this out of the way: Juliette is rather dull. Nothing compared to Adam though, which we’ll get to in a sec. She’s weak which is fine, you can’t be strong and a superhero after being locked up for a year, but honestly. Juliette relies completely on other people do, well, everything. Also, the cover says something about how she’s ready to fight back, and I’m like, where?

Okay so Adam. Has there been a more boring character in the history of pointless love interests. I think not. Talking about him might actually cause me to drift off so we’re just going to move on to more interesting matters such as, say, Warner.

Behold: the most interesting character in this book and my second favorite character in the series. Remember asshole-leader of the sector. This is him. He has some weird obsession with Juliette and wants to use her to torture people. Not the best person per say, but hell, he’s interesting.  So yeah.

There’s also one more character that’s hella awesome but it’s kinda spoilery so unfortunately I can’t talk about him. Yup that’s a him again. Because female characters are apparently completely unnecessary. Seriously, I don’t think there was a single other female character in this book other than Juliette. If there was some point to this, I didn’t see it. I’m sorry, but please stop.



Okay that’s a little harsh. But really, it wasn’t explained or developed well, because it wasn’t the point of the book. This book was about Adam and Juliette falling in love (where’s the chemistry), the rest was just background things.

Rating: 3 stars (okay maybe 2.5)

This is a very negative review for a 3 star read, but the 3 stars essentially mean “I liked it” and hell yeah I did. This book was so much fun and while it’s in no way a literate masterpiece I had a blast reading it. I would recommend i, but am warning you to keep low expectations.

Thanks for reading! (I’m putting Unravel Me and Ignite me rants below the cut if you want to read them.)

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IF YOU HAVEN’T READ SHATTER ME #1 YET THIS IS YOUR TIME TO TURN AWAY. OR CONTINUE READING AND BE SPOILED BUT WHERE’S THE FUN IN THAT. YOU TOTALLY STILL WANT TO READ THESE BOOKS. Oh and before you go, I want to let you know that there’s some serious character development to look forward too.


Unravel Me: Pretty meh. The book is a lot of the time just adamadamadamadamadam and I couldn’t deal. But Kenji is in it a lot too so that kinda made up for it. Also Juliette is stepping up her game which I can appreciate. Also 3 stars.




Ignite Me: 3.5 stars. My fav in the series. Juliette is now BAD-ASS AS FUCK. oH and also Warner. And Kenji and Juliette’s friendship. See, many good things happen in this book. Plus, the writing seems less awkward, but maybe that was just me getting used to it. Anyway, it was really good and I’m now super excited for book 4.


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