Bookish “past-present-future” tag (#2)

Yup, it’s that time again. I haven’t posted in weeks and don’t *really* have anything to write, so I’m crawling back to the tag I only do for absolute emergencies. A few months ago I came up with the PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE book tag, and now, here we are again.

what else.gif

This tag is basically just about writing about a book you’ve just finished, one you’re reading right now and the one you’ll read next.


I finished a Swedish book called Allt jag inte sa yesterday. The review will be up on it’s publication date (7 Sep), but I’ll have you know that it was absolutely wonderful!


I’m currently reading Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare, but I don’t feel very motivated to finish it right now. I think I’m just getting tired of the Shadowhunters universe. allt jag inte sa 032.JPG


I started reading Emma by Jane Austen back in January put put it on hold to read Crooked Kingdom (can you blame me?) and I never picked it up again. I think I’m ready to do so now though, so I’ll read it in the near future. Oh, but Wonder Woman: Warbringer will probably arrive before I’m done with LoS, and either way I’ll drop everything I’m doing to read it, so that’s more likely to be my next read. needit

That’s it for today! What was the last book you finished? Was it any good? Oh, and let me know if you decide to do this tag so I can see your post!

Thanks for reading!


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