The Time I Met Adam Silvera

I've been staning in line for I don't know how long, thinking about what to say when I finally get to meet Adam Silvera. Actually, I've been thinking about it longer than that. On my way to the book fair, and the day before, and on the train to Copenhagen. How do I tell someone… Continue reading The Time I Met Adam Silvera


autumn aesthetic xvii

Hello! Long time no see, but I'm here to tell you about a super-fun challenge me and Ester @aninkworld did. It's a bingo formatted photo/reading/general-living-challenge and it's all inspired by the aesthetics and lovely feelings of autumn. The challenge is based on Instagram in the hashtag #autumnaesthetic17, but it continues over at Pinterest, Spotify and… Continue reading autumn aesthetic xvii


SABAA TAHIR'S NEW BOOK HAS A TITLE, RELEASE DATE, SYNOPSIS AND A COVER. Oh, and the AEITA and ATATN got revamped covers as well! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. One might ask why though, because there's no denying that the old ones were gorgeous. WEll, Tahir shared in an Q/A with Mashable that there have been discussions about new… Continue reading ALL THE NEWS ABOUT EMBER3

Five Books You Need To Read This Summer

We're halfway through the summer and my craving for contemporaries with summer themes is as strong as ever. That is not to say I haven't read a bunch of them already, because I have. I just need them, okay? I'm almost out of sweet reads now though, which is incredibly sad. What's even sadder is… Continue reading Five Books You Need To Read This Summer

Currently Reading Update (it’s a mess)

I've talked about this before, but my inability to stick to reading one book at a time is Tragic™. I just had a look at my Goodreads "currently reading" shelf. This is what it looks like. (To clarify, Six of Crows is there because I'm rereading it.) So yup, I'm reading 6 books right now.… Continue reading Currently Reading Update (it’s a mess)


As you may know, June is pride month. To celebrate, and to try bringing some more awareness into the bookish community I've decided to make it "a thing". For the month of June I'll only be reading book with LGBTQIA+ characters and/or by authors in the community.  I'll be tracking my progress and give new… Continue reading #PRIDEMONTHBOOKS