BookTubeAThon 2017

BookTubeAThon is one of the highlights of my year. I love how the online book community just comes together in this crazy reading spirit and I love how much it makes me want to read. So you can probably imagine my disappointment when the dates were announced and I saw the BTAT will take place the only week where I work every day. Yup, it sucks. BUT I could always read on the bus and during lunch and stay up late and get up early so I’m giving this a shot anyway. Here’s the books I’d read if things were ideal, but instead they’re just the books I’ll make sure to have at hand if there’s time.

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2017 reading goals

A new year has finally come and it’s therefore time to set up some new reading goals. Last year my goal was 50 books and I surpassed that with 20 books. I did however include rereads in this count, which I’m not planning on doing this year. Now, I don’t actually reread that much because I want to discover new books, but I still try to reread a few books every year. Still, I don’t want to raise my reading goal all that much because I don’twant to feel pressured to read, making it a stress factor rather than stress relief. So I’ve deciden on trying to read 52 books, one every week.

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