Rest-of-the-year TBR

As I’ve said in the last 3 or 4 posts now, reading is not really something I seem to be doing right now. So a TBR for November would be overly optimistic. Nevertheless, there are some books I would love to read before the end of 2017, so I thought I’d share those, and we’ll see which of them I’ll get to in November.  Continue reading


July TBR

My reading hasn’t been going all too well lately, it’s been ages since I had a month where I read A LOT. Maybe July could be it? Probably not, so I’ll set my TBR count pretty low to not disappoint myself, like in June when I read 4/9 books. Whops. Continue reading

Review: Article Three by Anna Jakobsson Lund

Article Three by Anna Jakobsson Lund | Published: Dec 2016, originally published in Swedish in March 2015

My rating: 5/5 stars | Genre: Young Adult, Dystopia

Wow. This, my friends, was amazing. Article Three is a dystopian set sometime in the future, after we screwed up big time. The world (or part of it, not sure about the geography here, all I know is that it’s set in Europe) is run by the System. The book follows Ava, a rebel and Levi, who’s lost all his beliefs in the rebelling movement, but still has to go to them for help when his sister gets arrested.  Ava gets assigned to help him together with another girl named Leymah. Then a lot of things start to happen and it’s great. I need to work on my summaries, I know. Here’s the Goodreads synopsis instead: 

“Trust will get you killed – and trust will keep you alive
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